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Master the effective use of URL shorteners.

What are shortners?

A "shortener" is an online tool that generates shorter versions of long URLs, making them easier to share. It assigns a unique code to the original URL and redirects users who click on the shortened link to the original webpage. Shortened URLs often consist of a domain name and alphanumeric characters.

They save space and are commonly used in social media posts, emails, and text messages. URL shorteners may also offer click tracking and analytics.

How to use shortner

In most cases, we use shortner to track traffic if you don't own the website or if you don't have any of the supported trackers installed on yours. With shortners, you can track your traffic without any problems and, for example, assign it precisely or show your customers how much traffic you generated.


We allow almost all shortner types, but we do not accept shortners that are used to earn money through clicks, as well as rotating shortners