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Device Setting

Discover the benefits of our device settings option and select between using a computer, phone, or a combination of both for website traffic.

What does the Device Settings Feature do?

The Device Settings Feature allows you to choose which types of devices will be used to visit your website. It's useful for adjusting the traffic to match the behavior of real visitors or giving search engines a specific signal.

What device options are available?

Our traffic bot software provides four device settings for your traffic projects, which are available in our paid traffic plans. You have the option to select from the following device choices:

Realistic behavior (30% mobile):
This option gives you a balanced mix of desktop and mobile traffic, with 30% of the visitors coming from mobile devices.

Desktop only (Windows and Mac):
With this option, the traffic is limited to desktop devices, either Windows or Mac.

Mobile only:
This option restricts the traffic to mobile devices only.

Completely random:
This option provides a random mix of desktop and mobile traffic, without any specific restrictions on the type of device used by the visitors.