Discover a diverse array of cutting-edge features that empower you to make the most of our exceptional website traffic services.

Premium Traffic

We use only unique residential IP addresses to deliver top-notch, traceable traffic for all kind of websites.

Customizable Traffic

You get to pick from a range of settings for your traffic, including visit speed, bounce frequency, return rate, timezone, and visitor behavior, among others.

Multiple Traffic Sources

Choose your preferred source of traffic, such as direct, organic, referral, or social, to cater to your unique needs and improve your website's ranking.

Traffic Volume

We offer the option to adjust the volume of traffic your website receives, useful for fine-tuning and optimizing.

Bounce Rate

This allows you to fix the percentage of visitors that exit after viewing only a single webpage.

Returning Visitor Rate

Set the percentage of visitors that return to your site, to boost visitor engagement and loyalty.


Our service enables you to specify the geographical origin of your website traffic, delivering visitors based on their location - country, state, or city.

Time On Page

Choose the duration of your visitors' page visits - anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes - to amplify your website's user engagement.

Device Control

Tailor your traffic campaign to target particular device categories (mobile, tablet, desktop) with this feature.

Navigation Funnels

Navigation funnels allow you to design the journey that visitors follow on your site, providing a more personalized experience.


This functionality allows users to use shortened links like cutt.ly into their traffic campaigns, providing an efficient way to track link clicks.

Wordpress Jetpack

With our WordPress tracking feature, users can monitor the incoming traffic from traffic-bot.com directly on their WordPress Jetpack dashboard.

Google Analytics

Website proprietors can use Google's great Analytics platform to track our traffic along with visitor behavior patterns.

Time Zone Control

Choose the timezone you want for your traffic campaign. This makes sure that all the data and measurements gathered will follow the timezone you've selected.

Free Traffic

Test out our traffic service for free and see how it can improve your website and engagement levels before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan.

HTTP Language Control

Define the language setting of the website your users will visit. It's particularly useful for multi-language websites.

AdSense Safe

We guarantee the safety of any ads featured on your website. Revenue from ads remains secure and unaffected by invalid traffic.

Smart Traffic

Experience personalized web traffic with our advanced AI technology. This system intelligently replicates human activity and tailors itself to your individual site traffic patterns.