New Update June 2024: Now, you can set your traffic custom for each day, giving you more control and flexibility.


Discover a diverse array of cutting-edge features that empower you to make the most of our exceptional website traffic services.

Premium Traffic

Drive authentic and high-quality website traffic to your site with our Premium Traffic features, utilizing unique residential IP addresses. Our service boosts your site's credibility and metrics.

Customizable Traffic

Tailor your traffic flow to your specific needs. Adjust parameters like visit duration, bounce rate, and more to align with your website’s goals, improving user engagement and site performance.

Multiple Traffic Sources

Diversify your traffic sources for a robust online presence. Choose from direct, organic, or social traffic to elevate your site’s ranking and attract a broader audience.

Traffic Volume

Manage the volume of your site traffic effectively. Whether you’re preparing for a campaign or managing daily visits, our control feature ensures optimal performance and visitor amounts.

Bounce Rate

Fine-tune visitor engagement by customizing the bounce rate. This feature allows you to simulate user behavior realistically, providing insights into user interaction and content effectiveness.

Returning Visitor Rate

Build visitor loyalty and return traffic by setting the rate of returning users. This feature helps in creating a steady user base and enhances the reputation of your site.


Target your audience with precision. Specify the geographic location of your traffic to attract visitors from specific regions, enhancing local engagement and relevance.

Time On Page

Control how long visitors stay on your pages. This feature is crucial for improving engagement metrics and can significantly impact your SEO and user experience.

Device Control

Optimize your traffic for different devices, ensuring your site appeals to users whether they're on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. This feature helps in targeting a diverse tech-savvy audience.

Navigation Funnels

Direct your visitors’ journeys through your website. Set up navigation paths that lead to increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and a more personalized user experience.


This functionality allows users to use shortened links like into their traffic campaigns, providing an efficient way to track link clicks.

Wordpress Jetpack

Seamlessly track and analyze your traffic with our integrated support for WordPress Jetpack and Google Analytics. Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and campaign effectiveness.

Google Analytics

Website proprietors can use Google's great Analytics platform to track our traffic along with visitor behavior patterns.

Time Zone Control

Align your traffic campaigns with specific time zones for more accurate performance analysis. This feature is essential for global websites targeting audiences in different regions.

Free Traffic

Test out our traffic service for free and see how it can improve your website and engagement levels before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan.

HTTP Language Control

Cater to a global audience with our HTTP Language Control feature. Customize the language settings of your traffic to suit multi-lingual websites and reach a wider, more diverse audience.

AdSense Safe

Protect your AdSense revenue with our safe traffic solutions. Ensure the integrity and safety of your ads while maintaining a steady flow of revenue.

Smart Traffic

Benefit from AI-driven, human-like web traffic that adapts intelligently to your site’s unique patterns. Experience enhanced user interaction and data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.