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Traffic Speed

Discover how to control the speed of your bot traffic with ease.

Last Updated: 03 July 2023

What Is Traffic Speed?

The traffic speed indicates how much traffic is delivered to your website each day by us. This can be influenced by the variable bounce rate and returning visitor rate.

Traffic Speed Panel

Screenshot of the traffic speed panel

Pageviews / Hits

Pageviews, also known as hits, refer to the number of times a specific page on a website is viewed or accessed by visitors. Each time a visitor loads or refreshes a page, it counts as a pageview or hit. This metric is commonly used to measure the popularity and engagement level of individual web pages within a website.

Pageviews can help website owners and administrators understand which pages attract more attention and traffic from visitors. This can help analyze user behavior, optimize content, and make informed website design and layout decisions.


Our visitors have been generated, visitors. They use the internet to navigate a specific website to retrieve information, use services, or engage in other interactions. Website visitors can arrive at a website through various means, such as typing the URL into a web browser, via search engine results, links from other websites, or through advertising.

The number of website visitors can be an essential indicator of the success of a website and is often used to measure website traffic.