Time On Page

Discover a feature that allows you to control how long visitors spend on each page of your website.

Time Spent on Each Page

If a person stays on a page for one minute and visits three pages, their total time spent on the website is 3 minutes.

Setting for High Time on Page

The way we set up the website can affect the total number of visitors. If we set it up to encourage visitors to spend at least two minutes or more on each page, it may result in fewer visitors overall. This can vary from website to website.

Recommended Setting

We suggest that the time spent on each page should be between 30 seconds and one minute.

Common Misunderstandings

The total time a person spends on the website (session time) is different from the time spent on each individual page (time on page). The bounce rate can significantly reduce the time spent on a page. When visitors leave the website after viewing only the first page due to a high bounce rate, they usually do so within a few seconds. This can greatly reduce the overall time spent on the website.