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How to Set Up Organic Traffic: A Step-by-Step Guide

Explore what happens when we create fake human-like internet traffic and understand how we can utilize it effectively.


Organic traffic refers to unpaid and natural visitors who visit a website from search engine results. It results from SEO efforts to improve a website's visibility and ranking. Organic traffic is valuable because it represents genuine user interest, unlike paid traffic.

Website owners optimize their content and follow SEO best practices to attract organic traffic from users searching for relevant topics. Monitoring and increasing organic traffic helps assess SEO effectiveness and make informed decisions for further optimization.

How To Setup Organic Traffic - Keyword Settings

The following method is the quickest and easiest way to get organic traffic and make it visible on Google Analytics:

  1. Open your traffic project.
  2. Go to the setting called "Traffic Type".
  3. Change the traffic type setting from direct to organic.
  4. You can now enter your keywords in the window below-called "Keywords". Please use only one keyword per line and do not use any symbols to separate your keywords.

Advanced Organic Traffic Settings

This method takes more time to set up. Still, it has the benefit of combining organic traffic from any search engine with social and referral website traffic. Allowing you to use multiple traffic sources in one traffic project.

  • Use multiple traffic types (referral, organic, social) within one project!
  • Use multiple search engines as Bing, Yahoo for your organic traffic!
  • Use geo-specific search engine for improved local ranking!

For this method you need to navigate to your projects settings and select referral as a traffic source.