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Last Updated: 17 July 2023

What Are Economy Traffic Plans?

In summary, economy traffic plans offer an affordable and dependable solution for website owners who require large quantities of website traffic. They are specifically tailored for personal websites, can improve website statistics on various trackers, support multiple traffic tracking platforms, and have the potential to positively influence search engine rankings.

Benefits of Using Economy Traffic


Economy traffic plans are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for website owners who require large quantities of website traffic. These plans offer unlimited bot traffic at affordable rates by using data center IP addresses. This means you can boost your website's statistics without breaking the bank.

Personal Websites

An economy traffic plan can be highly beneficial if you have a personal website. It is specifically tailored to generate bot traffic for personal websites, helping you improve your website traffic statistics. Whether you're looking to increase the number of visitors, pageviews, or enhance other metrics, an economy traffic plan can provide the necessary boost.

Traffic Statistics

One of the primary advantages of an economy traffic plan is its ability to improve website statistics across various traffic trackers.
Compatible with popular platforms like:

  • Google Analytics 3
  • WordPress Jetpack
  • Comscore
  • Statcounter
  • Histats
  • Leadid

Enhance metrics such as the number of visitors, page views, bounce rate, visitor returning rate, time on page, session time, traffic source, devices, geolocation, and much more. This comprehensive statistical improvement can provide valuable insights into your website's performance.

Search Engine Ranking

While not explicitly designed for this purpose, selecting an economy traffic plan can still positively impact your search engine rankings. By driving increased traffic to your website, you have the potential to improve your website's visibility and organic search rankings. However, if your main goal is to enhance your search engine ranking for targeted keywords specifically, it is recommended to consider dedicated options like the Google Search Console traffic or professional traffic plans.

In summary, economy traffic plans offer a range of benefits. They provide a cost-effective solution for website owners, are specifically designed for personal websites, improve traffic statistics across various trackers, support a wide range of traffic tracking platforms, and have the potential to influence search engine rankings positively. Whether you aim to boost website statistics or enhance your online presence, an economy traffic plan can be valuable.

Available Discounts

We offer fantastic discounts for higher traffic on any traffic plan. When you purchase 5 credits, you'll receive a 20% discount, and with a purchase of 10 credits, you'll enjoy a 40% discount on the price. We even provide custom discounts of up to 50% for larger or custom orders. If you're interested in learning how to avail a 50% discount, please contact us via chat.

Plan Type Discount Per Credit Price Price
1x Ultimate Credits Economy -0% Discount $99.99 $99.99
5x Ultimate Credits Economy -20% Discount $79.99 $399.99
10x Ultimate Credits Economy -40% Discount $59.99 $599.99

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