Bounce Rate

by Martin FreiwaldFeb  2020

Bounce Rate Traffic bot Blog post


The bounce rate describes the percentage of visitors who will leave your website after visiting your first page. They dont' move to another subpage of your website or performing any other actions. Actions include, for example, clicking on internal links, downloads, or a fixed time on the site. 

What is the best bounce rate?

There is no general answer. We recommend to look up your competitors bounce rate and set your bounce rate a few percentages below their bounce rate. Tools like will help you to get your competitors bounce rate.

How to reduce your bounce rate naturally

Once the underlying problem has been identified, the following example measures can be taken to reduce the bounce rate:

  • Clearer design of the website
  • linguistic revision of the content
  • higher quality design, improved layout
  • Optimization for more relevant keywords
  • Reduction in loading time
  • Reduction in the amount of advertising
  • etc