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Definition: Bounce Rate

Bounce rate describes the percentage of visitors that will leave your website after visiting your first page. These visitors don't' go to another page of your website or perform any other actions. If 55 out of 100 visitors will leave your website after the first page, your bounce rate will be 55%.

What Is The Best Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of your website indicates the quality of your website. A high bounce rate implies the visitor did not found the information or product he was looking for. Keep in mind that also technical issues like slow page speed will lead to high bounce rates.

A low bounce rate is hard to get but shows simply how good your website is in a fundamental parameter. We recommend to look up your competitors bounce rate and set your bounce rate a few percentages below their bounce rate. This very helpful SEO-Tool Alexa Siteinfo will help you to find your competitors bounce rate within seconds!