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Social Bot Traffic

Bot traffic referring from Facebook and other social media networks are an excellent method for a natural flow of traffic and ranking improvements.
Traffic from social media websites will be displayed in Google Analytics as social. If your project isn't set up correctly, your social traffic might not counted by Google Analytics as such.

These error's only appear if you have used an incorrect URL or your traffic is referred by a landing page for example: Please use specific Facebook profiles or similar as referring links.
Here is an example of how you should & shouldn't setup your social traffic.

Wrong Set Up

Social Bot Traffic the correct way

Correct Set Up

Social Bot Traffic the correct way

Referring bot traffic just from Facebook's landingpage can work, but its not recommended! It's much more beneficial to research relevant social media posts, sites or groups, matching your content and send bot traffic from there. It looks more natural and sends the right signals to search engine's algorithm.

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