Returning Visitor Rate

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Definition: Returning Visitor Rate

The returning visitors rate allows you to measure how many visitors have returned to your website within a certain range of time. This critical parameter reveals to you if your website is effective in holding visitors over time to your websites content.

Relevant To Rankings?

It's an excellent parameter for search engines to check if people are loving your website or not.
Visitors who will come back to your website, especially without using google and heading directly to your website, are the most vulnerable visitors for your rankings. Returning visitors rate also provides critical information on the average navigation rate (pages per session) and the average return time.
All of the above indicators are primarily relating to the value of your content to your visitors.

First, check two or three top competitors in your niche on their returning visitor rate. You want yours to be at least the same percentage or a little above. The next two recommended methods have become a very beneficial way to increase rankings.

First Method:

Rise your returning visitor rate slowly over time, slightly above the competitor's returning visitors rate. Recommended time: 2-3 month

Second Method:

After your website has received new fundamental features, layout, technical improvements(page speed), or other modifications.
Change the returning visitor rate above your competitors, returning visitors rate. This recommended method will make sure your applied changes to your website will be recognized as positive development of your website to your visitors/search engines.