Most Frequent Questions

Can I...

Our service is safe for Adsense or any other PPC ads! Our Traffic Bot does not click on ads or load them by default. Therefore you won't violate any terms. Our bot traffic won't generate impressions or clicks on your ads, to provide risk free bot traffic for any kind of website. We are continuously in contact with Adsense to react to any changes in their terms of use.

During checkout process, select Bitcoin as your payment method. Please E-Mail us your payment confirmation and the name of the package you have purchased to [email protected].

What is...

It is our highest quality traffic that we offer. For generation, we only use unique residential ips from residetail servers other than in our economy plans. which means that bot traffic can hardly be distinguished from human human traffic. Because of this, the traffic has an greater influence on local rankings as "local Alexa ranking" and is recognized as human traffic by far more traffic tracker - Google Analytics, Global Alexa, Local Alexa, Yandex, Liveinternet, Shortners, Global Histats, HiStats, Comscore, Statcounter, Leadid, Wordpress Jetpack.

It's our affordable reliable automated bot traffic for personal websites. Traffic will be generated through datacenter IP's and may repeat. It's trackable by the most common tracking software such as Google Analytics, Global Alexa, Global Histats, HiStats, Comscore, Statcounter, Leadid, Wordpress Jetpack.

Most of our customers use our services to enhance their websites' traffic metrics. We can influence bounce rate, return rate, session time, improve your traffic volume, add extra organic or social traffic, and work with almost every aspect of your bot traffic.

Our Alexa traffic is a special variant in which every visitor has the Alexa toolbar installed. This means that all visitors are counted and have a major influence on the Alexa ranking. Under certain conditions, we even guarantee certain placements. If the placement is not reached within 30 days, we will refund difference of places we have not reached.

Does Traffic Creator...

We do not recommend using our service to generate views on youtube or any videos.
We in most cases we do not allow our bot to load videos. Please contact our support for more information.

Yes! With our artificial intelligence combined with real web browsers and high-quality IPs, we simulate millions of human visitors every day.

Websites with a significant amount of traffic typically rank better on Google, Bing, and other search engines than Websites with moderate amounts of visitors or low traffic statistics. Google's algorithm uses more than 200 variables to calculate its ranking. Nevertheless, the algorithm is not open to the public, but we believe the significant increase of traffic and changes to over 15 traffic parameters will enhance your rankings.

Yes, we do accept adult websites/content.

Our service is available for all websites. We recommend using our service for websites you own. Our service is only available to a limited extent on websites such as Youtube, Etsy, Chaturbate, Fiverr.

Yes. We do accept regular shortners, redirect and affiliate links in our paid projects.

We can guarantee improvements in Alexa Rank only if you have your website Alexa Rank Certified! Your website needs Alexa's traffic counter installed. This way alexa.com can see all the traffic coming to your site and calculate an actual rank. Without the counter, Alexa doesn't count any traffic and shows only estimates.


In "demo" and "trial" projects, you can use only paid domains, which haven't registered with us. Neither we do not accept shorteners, redirect, or affiliate links in our trials.

Our 2h trial always shows it expired after creation. The campaign will still run for 2 hours, regardless of the status.

Need more free traffic?
Get free "Nano" credits they include 2000 visitors and 6000 page views within 30 days. Once your free traffic campaign has expired, it can be reactivated for free!

After configuration, visitors will arrive within the next 5-30 minutes. If your traffic does not start after 40 minutes, please send us your Google Analytics Id through e-mail or chat.